2018 Show Vendor Information
These vendors will be at the show, please visit them and support them!

Walnut Creek Hardwood, INC.

"Walnut Creek Hardwood specializes in SOLID gun stock grade American black walnut and furniture quality American red oak taxidermy panels. Our computer programmed machinery ensures that you will receive the same panel today, as you will 10 years from now. We also offer laser engraved art scenes and personalized engraving on most of our panels. We also offer online ordering from our website and most orders placed by noon will ship the same day.

Walnut Creek Hardwood started in 1980 as a small sawmill selling hardwood to vocational schools. Over the years they grew into one of the largest taxidermy panel manufacturers. For over 30 years, Walnut Creek Hardwood has been family owned and operated.

Our goal at Walnut Creek Hardwood is to continue to grown in the taxidermy industry and present our clients with top quality products and service."

Show Specials: We will bring any orders placed before the show to the show, plus we'll also offer 25% discounts on products bought at the show and offer free shipping for any orders placed at the show.

Matuska Taxidermy Supply

With a growing need for quality forms and supplies, the Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company began in 1997 and is a manufacturer and marketer of complete taxidermy solutions, dedicated to supplying today's taxidermists with the finest components, tools and chemicals available.

Show Specials: Save on costly shipping! Call ahead and we will bring your order to the show! Receive 10% off all orders brought to the show along with items purchased or ordered at the show.1-800-488-3256

McKenzie Taxidermy Supply/VanDykes

McKenzie Taxidermy Supply has built a reputation as being a leader in the industry. That hard earned reputation is based on honesty, innovation and excellence. We continually strive for the best we can do because we know that you will expect nothing less. Give McKenzie Taxidermy Supply a chance to be your supply company. You won’t find a company that will work harder for you.

Ohio Taxidermy Supply

For nearly 30 years, the Eppley name has been held in high standards among the taxidermy industry for quality and award winning products. You may know founder Bryan Eppley, 14 time world show winning sculptor, as well as a former owner of Buckeye Mannikins. Now with his son, Rudy Eppley, they have started Ohio Taxidermy Supply. Offering the most anatomical accurate forms on the market, they hope their dedication and commitment brings you fair prices, with the quality every taxidermist desires. Continue striving to bring you the best quality available.

Show Specials: Offering 15% for Pre orders taken to the show, and free delivery to the show!

Research Mannikins

With over 30 years in the Taxidermy Industry, Research Mannikins has been on the forefront of innovation, from the transition of paper to foam mannikins, to some of the first jaw-installed mannikins, and to our Velvet Antler Service. Research Mannikins strives to bring you the highest quality products and customer service. We are constantly working to improve your shopping experience, whether you prefer our online store, or holding our current catalog in your hand, you can always depend on one of our customer service specialists, or in-house taxidermist, to answer your questions. At Research Mannikins, we strive to give our customers personal attention and service, and our motto is,"We are your hometown taxidermy supply store."

Beetle Juice Skull Works

Old Barn Taxidermy

Whether you need a full body mount or a shoulder mount we will give you lifelike quality and the result you expect. As avid outdoorsmen we understand the importance to re-live the moment when you see your trophy. In addition we do top quality rugs and we offer hunting products of all sorts.


Muddy has always been known for the exceptionally high end feature and unwavering quality and now in addition to that, the line has been expanded and revolutionized to contain even more options. The line now contains ladderstands, tripods, ground blinds, and of course hang-on’s and harnesses. It also now includes a complete line of accessories.

Hutton Valley School of Taxidermy

I'm Roger Hutton, owner and instructor of the Hutton Valley School of Taxidermy. I have well over 40 years experience in the art of Taxidermy. I have presented many seminars and guided many taxidermist friends in the field of Taxidermy. I was also a pioneer in the establishment of the Iowa Taxidermist Association and remain an active charter member and have also been involved each year in committees to put on the annual show and competition, as well as serving on the Board of Directors and as an officer. In addition, I continue my own professional education through taxidermist publications and seminars at the state, national, and world conventions.

Mountain Hunters New Zealand Outfitters

For a high quality professional New Zealand trophy hunting experience with hands on outfitters that can do everything you want we invite you to join us for your New Zealand Red Stag hunt and an unforgettable adventure! Brent Moody

Fish Training Classes with Lawrence Taxidermy

Lawrence Taxidermy Fish Training can teaches from beginner to advanced taxidermy techniques. We utilize some of the most up to date material available.

Artwork By Derek Plaisance

Artist that specializes in wildlife and portraits.

Wolf River Tannery

Wolf River Tannery provides HAIR-ON tanning for your trophy game. Our knowledgeable staff is always willing to help you with any questions that you may have. We offer our services to licensed taxidermist as well as individuals. We provide award winning tans and boast about our stretch. We are Celebrating 25 Years of business this year (2017) we invite you to come check us out!

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